Labelling Advice

General Honey Labelling Advice

  • The word “honey” is required.
  • When packed in quantities exceeding 50g may only be packed in prescribed quantities of 57g(2oz), 113g (4oz), 227g (8oz), 340g (12oz), 454g(1lb) or multiples of 454g(1lb).
  • The weight must be on the label.
  • The weight must be metric (and it’s optional to add the Imperial weight as well).
  • The weight must be net, i.e. not including the glass-jar and lid.
  • The minimum height of figures on the label must be as follows: <50g 2mm; 50-200g, 3mm; 200g-1kg, 4mm; >1kg, 6mm.
  • You can specify the area where the honey is produced, e.g., Devonshire honey.
  • You can specify the type of honey, e.g. heather, but the honey must be at least 75% of that type.
  • If you are selling the honey, you must have your name and address on the label. It does not need to be complete but you should be able to be found from the information.
  • If you are selling the honey through a third party, you must have a lot number (though if your Best Before date specifies day, month and year then a lot number is not required).
  • You must have a Best Before date on the jar. 2 years from now seems to be pretty standard.
  • You must have a country of origin on the jar, e.g. Produce of England. Just adding the country to the end of your address is not acceptable.

There is more information in the BBKA leaflet Selling Honey  .


The Torbay Branch of Devon Beekeepers Association disclaims all responsibility for all consequences of any person acting on, or refraining from acting in reliance on information contained above.

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