Beginners Course


Introductory Course to Beekeeping 2024

Torbay Beekeepers will be running an Introduction to Beekeeping course in 2024, please contact Liz Westcott for more details.

Week 1 – Introduction – 9th January
What is a honey bee.
Importance of beekeeping
Local and national support from BBKA DBKA Equipment basics
The colony
The queen, workers, drones
Division of labour within the hive
Individual life cycles

Week 2 – The Beekeeping Year – 30th January
Preparation for winter
Spring management
Summer build up
Honey harvest
The bees nest
Hive components
– Bees, Plants and Hive Products
Pollination, nectar and honey
Local forage plants
Wax, Propolis and pollen
Selling honey

Week 3 – Swarms – 13th February
Reasons for swarming
Primary swarms and casts
Swarm control
Swarm prevention
Swarm collection

Week 4 – Pests and Diseases – 19th March
Brood Diseases
Adult Diseases
Statutory requirements
Practical aspects to be covered at the apiary
Getting Started
Joining your local Association
Siting and setting up an Apiary
Necessary clothing and equipment
Buying your first colony of bees
Making frames

* Session content is subject to change