Honey Bee Swarms

A swarm of honey bees in a tree in Torbay

A swarm of honey bees in a tree in Torbay

If you discover a swarm of honey bees anywhere in Torquay, Paignton, Brixham or any other town or village in or around Torbay, please contact our Swarm Liaison Officer Di Hatherley on 07881 467393. Di will contact the nearest available swarm collector in Torbay who will quickly come and deal with the swarm for you.

If Di is unavailable please refer to the BBKA Swarm Collection Page which will quickly connect you with the nearest swarm collector to you.

For help identifying honey bees please see the bumble bee conservation trusts bee identification page.

Please be aware that if the swarm is in a dangerous or difficult to access position our collectors may not be able to help you.