Membership Categories and Subscriptions

Membership is open to anyone having an interest in the craft of beekeeping.

Full Registered Members – for those who keep bees and wish to take a full part in all aspects of the DBKA

Partner Members – for those who reside as a second member of the same household of a registered member. Partner members enjoy all the rights of full membership but will not receive the BBKA News or Beekeeping Journal.

Associate Members – for those who are generally interested in the craft and wish to support the DBKA. Associate members will not be registered as beekeepers with the BBKA and do not receive the BBKA News or Beekeeping journal.

Country Members – for those who wish to belong to a branch but do not require BDI. Country members do not have any voting rights but will receive copies of the Beekeeping journal.

2019 Subscriptions

Full Registered Members£37.00
Partner Members£17.00
Associate Members£14.00
Social Members£4.50
Junior Members (under 18)£17.00

Download  Membership Application Form (with notes) 
Download  Membership Application Form 

Some of the benefits of being a member of the Devon Beekeepers Association:

Education & Training

  • The branch holds apiary meetings at which practical beekeeping skills are demonstrated and discussed.
  • Beginners are prepared for the Basic Assessment which they are encouraged to take in their second year.
  • Winter evening classes and discussion groups are held.
  • Those Beekeepers who are interested are guided in their preparations for the various British BKA Examination Board modules ranging from management, biology, behaviour, diseases, breeding to anatomy, history and microscopy.

Branch Libraries

  • We have a good range of books on various aspects of beekeeping that may be borrowed either for general reading or by arrangement for special study.