For Sale/Wanted

For Sale

2017 queens

South Devon selected and reared, mated 2017 queens for sale.  Caged and marked yellow.  Instructions for introduction given. £30 each.  Contact Glyn 01364 652640 or 077 144 18 077

Beekeeping GlovesBeekeeping Gloves

Full length gloves with soft leather hands, stiff protective wrist are ventilated lower arm and full length fabric upper arm.
£10.00 per pair

Contact Mike

Bees For Sale

5 & 6 frame Nuc’s of Bees on :-

1) National.
2) 14 x 12 National.
3) Langstroth.
4) Commercial.
5) Smith.

Prices negotiable.

Please contact Gerry Stuart for details on 01803 557 643 or 07802 851152

Contact Gerry

Jars, Foundation, Hives & Hive Parts

1 lb and ½ lb Honey Jars
Foundation – Commercial and National – Brood and Super
Hive Parts – Commercial and National Supers,
Brood chambers, Roof, Floor etc
Modified Dadant Hives – Complete

All the above in good condition and at reasonable Prices.

Contact Jim Mogridge for details on 01803 663 308



Either rendered or as you have it. This is to be used to make foundation by two junior beekeepers so can trade some back if you prefer. Can collect or can be exchanged at your price at Newton Abbot Apiary on Saturday afternoons.

Telephone: 01626 821304

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